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NYDAComb is an especially designed ergonomic lice comb that glides easily through hair even if it is thick and curly. NYDAComb is a primary diagnosis tool for detecting head lice and eggs as well as removing dead nits. It is also a great tool for wet combing method.

Advantages of ergonomic metal NYDAComb
NYDAComb is an ergonomic stainless-steel metal lice comb especially designed to be close (0.2mm) enough that the lice and its eggs cannot escape. NYDAComb has rounded metal tips to prevent any skin damage and make the use comfortable for the patient. The ergonomic design ensures less fatigue and effort on the part of the person combing the hair for removal of dead lice and nits.

How-to and Format
NYDAComb comes with a free magnifier and an instruction sheet. NYDAComb is a class 1 medical device which is kept BTC at the pharmacy level (like NYDA Head Lice Treatment).

For more details on NYDA®, please visit www.nyda.ca.

    The pesticide-free treatment that eliminates lice in 58 seconds1

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